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Gentle approach: You might have heard the saying,

Take things always by their smooth handle.

EFT is unparalleled when it comes to tackling intense issues with minimal or no pain at all. Few people avoid therapy so as to not kindle their painfully excruciating memories. With EFT you don’t have that downside.

Empathy: There is a good chance that I have once been tormented with the issue you’re facing currently. That puts me in a better spot to be able see things from your perspective and suggest a solution.

EFT on steroids: I supplement my EFT sessions with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I would explain the errors in your thinking (if there are any) and give you worksheets.

Confidentiality: I understand that revealing your worries and secrets to a stranger can be quite vulnerable. But please take my assurance that I will treat your information as confidential. If there are issues which you think it’s not in your best interest to share, that’s fine. We have a technique which could still bring relief without me knowing anything about it – just that it may take a little longer. Moreover I will teach the techniques so you can work on the confidential issues by yourself while divulging the less confidential ones in the sessions.

Permanent: If we have worked on an issue thoroughly, you can expect the results to be permanent.

Affordable: My passion is to assist you in your quest to emotional freedom. Not only is my fee affordable, but I would also teach you the techniques so you can take care of most issues by yourself thus cutting a lot of sessions(and saving money) and learning a life changing tool in the process.

Money back guarantee: I am confident that EFT will help you gain the freedom you’re looking for. If you’re not satisfied or believe that it didn’t work for you, I will return your money back. Refund can be claimed for the last session only. So if you had a total of two sessions and you would like a refund, the refund will cover only the second session.

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